From small to large, sparkly to silky, short to long....
We have the dress for you for any occasion!

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Dress Inventory

Dress Gallery by Number...

Dress ID xxx
Dress ID 621
 Dress ID 469
 Dress ID 458
 Dress ID 216
 Dress ID 517
Dress ID 759
 Dress ID 763
 Dress ID 832
 Dress ID 1269
 Dress ID 459C
Dress ID 44
 Dress ID 128 **
 Dress ID 1007
 Dress 980
 Dress ID **  Dress ID 567
 Dress ID xxx
 Dress ID 522
 Dress ID xxx
 Dress ID xxx    
 Dress ID 764
 Dress ID 859
 Dress ID 502
 Dress ID 623
 Dress ID 772
 Dress ID 461
 Dress ID 169
 Dress ID 496
 Dress ID 807
 Dress ID 821
 Dress ID 927
 Dress ID 554
 Dress ID 521 **
 Dress 471
 Dress ID 13
 Dress ID 615
 Dress IDs 1138 - 1139
 Dress ID 746
 Dress ID 1255
Dress IDs 861 - 29
 Dress ID 1000
 Dress ID xxx
 Dress ID 1220
 Dress ID 590 
 Dress ID 736
 Dress ID 941

** - Discontinued

We've received an overwhelming response from the surrounding communities, receiving over 450 donated dresses in 3 months!!
At this point our inventory is well over 1,000 dresses with more coming in all the time. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

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